Disclaimer:- A little lyrical exaggeration on my part.

I resent it that sometimes, who’s who is all a matter of precision of timing; what happens is decided by the simplest concept of who is where and when; coincidence or chance, whichever you find more suiting, or more comforting. It’s like walking away from sleeping polar bears at the zoo, only to find that the next minute or so they’re up and about, entertaining the oh-so-fortunate people who arrived after [note: just went to the zoo today, and to sum it up, the most interesting thing was a flock of head-butting flamingo. As can be told, I am sorely disappointed]. It’s unfortunate, but there is no such thing as the fashionably late in life. And perhaps it’s just as well, the dichotomy makes circumstances so much easier to swallow; nothing to blame and no responsibility to hand out to the already weak.