Two concerts in two days makes Sheralyn a very incredibly happy girl, so much happy that the troubles of the world just sort of float by (I’m sure the bubble will burst sooner or later, but for now let’s be content). Wednesday night’s Jewel with opening act Joe Firstman (and if you know me well, you know that I’ve loved Joe Firstman for a pathetically long time) was awesome, awesome, awesome (when lacking a more substantial word, use repetition and bolding to make a point).

Thursday night’s Ray LaMontagne was the closest thing to exquisite that I’ve heard. There’s something so strangely drawing about shyness in the spotlight; it’s an almost awkward kind of beautiful; the kind of sight that makes your knees weak and sends your heart aflutter, all the while whilst holding your breath.

I got mine signed by a tree by his tour bus! (:

And as it is always so, watching someone sing never fails to make me hope for more. This I know well; my life will forever be tied to song, and everything will undoubtedly take place in lyric and verse. It is a blessing really, even though the dreaming is difficult to keep up. But let’s not talk about me today, all that seems quite so unimportant in light of everything else.

Photos are up in the Stills section. Now if only I could find tickets to an already sold out John Mayer trio concert in October. Now that, would be fabulous.