The past few days have been rainy ones. And sitting inside with a cup of coffee all cosied up and reading, this rain is lovely and so calming. On the other hand, as much as I like spontaneous walks in the rain, being pelted by raindrops on my walk to school and getting drenched in an attempt to save my dying laptop from the wetness was not quite so lovely, and infinitely less calming. And so, rainy walks are only good if your destination promises dry clothes and some form of heating.

In light of the rain, I am thinking of investing in some wellies to save myself the cold discomfort of wet shoes, socks, jeans and feet. The Ilse Jacobson lace-ups are my favourites (they’re oh so cute and they’re lined with wool!) but they also do the most damage to my wallet. I really like the Tretorn ones as well (they’ve also got wondrous synthetic fur lining!) although I think they might be an awkward height. And the emilyhannah brown wellies are cute, almost like the first ones I mentioned only without the awesomeness of a wool lining (they’re the most cost-friendly though).

Ilse Jacobson rain boots/Tretorn skerry vinter w wellies/emilyhannah brown bootstyle wellies