Been going to yoga almost everyday now and I lovelove these body washes by fresh and philosophy, there really is nothing better than fresh, fruity and clean! yum! Fresh Mangosteen Bath and Shower Gel, with pomegranate extract, and seriously, how can you not love the smell of mangosteens? This reminds me so much of growing up and eating cold mangosteens in the kitchen. And Philosophy Soulmates grapefruit body wash, perfect for bubble baths and morning showers. Oddly enough, this also reminds me the younger days when mum would feed me grapefruit with sugar (which is only second to buttered-sugar toast) in the mornings, mmm, lovely!

Also, speaking of smelling things, I’ve never been one for perfumes (I blame this on my oversensitive nose – probably the result of always being in close proximity of my mum’s Dior ‘poison’ solid perfume necklace everytime I was carried as a child). But the other day, I came upon Christopher Brosius’ I Hate Perfume, and I think I am in love. Cute little bottles, awesome names, a wonderful scent-making philosophy, and those little stories that accompany each scent are so cute and lovely. The next time I get my pay cheque, I am buying me some Gathering Apples, Under the Arbor, I am a Dandelion or At the Beach 1966, really.