jason mraz
‘Twas a brilliant Sunday: brunch at La Note and Jason Mraz in the afternoon. The Greek Theatre is beautiful, the perfect venue for an overcast afternoon concert outdoors. Lisa Hannigan opened, and she is still as brilliant as the last time I saw her with Damien Rice.

ray lamontagne
Ray LaMontagne was so amazing, for lack of a better word. Leona Nass opened and she is really cute and very awesome to boot. Ray LaMontagne is probably my favourite musician I’ve ever watched perform, strangely because he is not a performer- the lights are always dim, he barely speaks between songs. And this is so lovely, simply because at the end of it all, he brings you back to the music, which is the point of everything really. Right now, playing “Winter birds”, “Henry nearly killed me”, “Falling through” and “You are the best thing”on repeat. Love!