The first in a trio of banana chocolate loving:

The boy was craving something sweet and I was too cheap to go out for dessert, so I made combined some of my favourite things, fried bananas and chocolate lava cake, to make a little sweet treat.

fried bananas

The bananas were easy enough to make, coated with a light batter of flour, water & egg and then pan-fried. Though this was the first time I tried to caramelize them, which turned out to be a rather fun process of coating the fried bananas in hot sugar and dunking them in ice water. They turned out pretty fantastic!

fried bananas 2

Made little lava cakes, for which I still have not perfected the recipe. I haven’t quite yet figured out how to make them just melty enough in the middle but still nice & solid on top. They either break apart as I take them out because they’re too soft and gooey, or they are chocolate cakes with no melty lava center. Frustration!

chocolate lava cake

chocolate lava cake 2