Let’s face it. I am a poor graduate student whose budget is so teeny that over the last months, buying groceries has been my only avenue to exercise retail muscle. And I am a little proud for not indulging myself in time of crisis, but also a little ashamed for the amount of time I spend online some days just browsing catalogues (the scandal!). But I’ve been admiring these little (but expensive) pieces for some time now:


Clockwise from left:

  1. Bungalow Dress, Anthropologie
  2. There-You-Were Dress, Anthropologie
  3. Printed Whitney Dress, JCrew
  4. Inagua Dress, Anthropologie
  5. Morning Colors Dress, Anthropologie
  6. Bandana Bucket Bag, Anthropologie
  7. Shaded Arbor Tote, Anthropologie


And the somewhat more realistic:


  1. Silence & Noise Colorblock Navajo Dress, UO
  2. Urban Renewal Jersey Tunic, UO
  3. Ecote Contrast Cutout Dress, UO
  4. Plaid Henley, AE
  5. Kimchi Blue Tie Dye Clutch, UO
  6. Suede Moccasins, AE