Some days, off in my little corner of the world, I imagine what it would have been like to have had more time to grow up and old with d. I wonder if we would have known each other more, if we would have learnt new things about each other, if we would have changed, if we would have loved each other differently… if we would have been friends; I wonder if our relationship would have changed as I grew up. I dream about him sometimes, he stands by the dock waiting to snag fish, grey and wrinkly, with that nonchalant smile on his face; I dream about the kind of grandfather he would have been. But old age is always bittersweet, isn’t it; the experiences, the wisdom accompanied by a frailty, a retreat. And coming on six years, still ever so irrationally, my heart still saves a day, d., my heart still saves a day.


And this — this is stunning, and beautiful, and brilliant, and heartbreaking.
days with my father

days with my father 1


Days With My Father, a photographic journey by Phillip Toledano on keeping, in his own words, “a record of my father, and of our relationship”. The images, some accompanied by brief writing, are tremendously powerful; some lighthearted, some heart-wrenching. A definite must-see.

via A Cup of Jo