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oreos 2


On a bit of a shortbread sandwich phase after these dancing cookies. So for this Sunday’s Bake Away treat, I made a duo of shortbread sandwiches: strawberry shortbread and chocolate shortbread, both with a orange vanilla buttercream sandwiched in the middle (the strawberry ones actually had a little layer of semi-sweet chocolate in the middle too). They turned out to look and feel alot like Oreos, since you could split them in the middle and lick the buttercream off the cookie, though the cookie is much less crunchy and more soft and chewy. These shortbread cookies are actually more similar in texture to sables (French butter cookies), appropriately-named for their sandy texture. And even though I found the strawberry ones to be the more tasty of the two, I must admit that I would happily eat more chocolate ones than I should anyway. You can find the strawberry shortbread recipe here (only with the thyme emitted) via the lovely Tartlette.