Another movie on the list – I know, I have to stop adding movies to this list and actually get down to watching some of them, Food, Inc. But I must say, having spent the past two years in Berkeley and in cultivating a love for making (and eating) food, I’ve come to consider more the value and sanctity of our bodies and in following, the substances that we put in it. So this feels fitting and to add to that, Alice Waters (co-owner of Chez Panisse) says “it’s the film [she’s] been waiting for”. AND not to mention it has Michael Pollan in it! AND I am attending a talk by him in about 5 hours.

All in all, a busy (but somewhat joy-inducing) Friday!

[edit] Well it seems Michael Pollan wasn’t speaking, instead we watched a spoken version of act 1 of a play/musical based off his book, The Botany of Desire. After which, he took questions about the play with the creators of the play. I am tempted to say “false advertising” to the people at Zellerbach ticket booth.But I am practicing mindfulness [/edit]

Well, except for the fact that there is some “concert” going on outside the psychology building and the singing is so bad it’s hurting my ears.

OH! Also to add, there are chocolate surprises over at Baking, Empirically.