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FIRST food post! The roommates and I have been doing a weekly homemade food extravaganza (last week was lasagna), and this week we went with a Japanese theme with veggie dunmplings, cold soba noodles, sushi and mochi! And I must say that everything was pretty delicious. The dumplings were really savoury (and you would never know they had no meat in them), the soba noodles were refreshing, the sushi was delicious and the mochi actually tasted like the real thing.

We got through prep and cooking for most of the dishes in record time too! All but for the mochi, which ideally would have taken about 30-40 mins to steam from batter to paste, BUT because we are poor and don’t have a proper steamer, our ingenious rice cooker steamer (in which the bowl didn’t quite fit into the rice cooker) took about 2 hours to steam. It took me threatening to throw the dough out before the mixture cooperated and hardened. And damn, mochi dough is seriously the stickiest thing I’ve ever encountered, and having to roll in into a flattened circle so we could put the green or red bean paste in the middle was a pretty challenging (but ultimately yummy) process. But at least now I know, if all else fails,  I can make a living selling “muah chee” in Singapore (which is mochi dough coated in peanuts).