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egg in a hole

Egg-in-the-hole (or egg-in-the-basket or hen-in-the-nest or one-eyed-monster-breakfast, thank you wikipedia!) is fast becoming one of my favourite easy-peasy but still mmmm delicious breakfast foods.

Simply butter both sides of the bread, cut out a hole in the slice of bread (cute cookie cutters work so well for this) and place bread on pan. Grill one side till it’s toasty, then flip over. Then crack an egg into the hole and spice accordingly (I like to add a pinch of garlic salt, some parsley and lots of pepper). I also like my eggs sunny side up so I remove from heat once the whites look sturdy, but you can also flip the whole thing over if you like your eggs fully cooked (though if you do, I probably wouldn’t brown one side of the toast first).

See, I told you it was easy!