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double berry tartelette

Had a hankering for blackberries after seeing them at Berkeley Bowl, all luscious and juicy, those enticing little things. So on Sunday, made little blackberry and strawberry galettes (freeform pastries). Now, I haven’t had the greatest luck with galettes, I made savoury ones over winter break with caramelized onions, feta and spinach. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Well, they didn’t turn out quite so lovely but more like teeny, annoyingly thick, dry and kind of ugly looking pizzas.  I guess they were literally free form, since they took whatever shape suited them and not how I had crimped them to be.  So, with trepidation, I embarked what could have been another potential galette disaster but what do you know, they actually turned out alright! (Although if I had been less cheap and not skimped on eggwash, they might have browned and looked less pasty).

The recipe is via the amazing tartelette.