tomato soup

tomato soup 2

A sure cure for rainy, damp sundays is a healthy dose of warm tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. This definitely rates highly on my list of comfort foods, along with any kind of noodle soup and macaroni soup and pea soup and chinese porridge (that’s kind of like soupy rice), you see the trend here. Though strangely enough, tomato soup wasn’t a staple in my childhood diet. In fact, I believe my first bowl of Tomato soup was on a cold winter’s day in Winnipeg. And boy, was it good!

Now don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about its good ol’ grilled cheese counterpart. Ever since I had my first bite of the a grilled cheese sandwich, all toasty, hot and squished together in our old school sandwich press in Singapore, I was sold.  I like grilled cheese, I love grilled cheese – it makes me very happy. Nowadays, I like grilled cheese sandwiches with a little bit of arugula, a slice of turkey, tofurkey or ham and lots of cheese. Although I’m thinking that one if these days, I should try a lactose-free cheese … yummy.