Everytime I browse through the Anthropologie website or flip through their GORGEOUS catalogue, I am repeatedly (without fail) thinking in my head, “Oh my god, oh my god. I want that. I want that. I want that. I. WANT. THAT”. But at the same time, I am also thinking, ” How can I afford that?”. Le Sigh.

But still, aren’t they pretty?

anthro dresses

(clockwise, from left) Meandering Course Dress, Mixed Media Dress, Poplar Branch Dress, Windfall Dress, Terasina Dress, Bold Boutonniere Dress, Cranesbill Dress, Black and Bright Dress

anthro bags

(clockwise, from left) Tilled Expanse Hobo, Furrowed Fields Bag, Alabaster Crackle Bag, Neverending Seams Bag, Lucerne Bag, Alfresco Bag, Chocolate Spritz Bag