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pseudo potato

Somedays, I go into a baking frenzy, trying myself with as many baking projects at the same time. Which always turns out to a little counterproductive because even if all goes well, nothing ever quite turns out perfect (which makes sense given the divided attention). But usually, there is some sort of disaster that takes place. This was, fortunately, a good day.

I made 3 different things: flourless peanut butter cookies, double chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon raisin scones. The chocolate chip surprises were amazingly good, though Steve dubbed them ‘potatoes’ because, well, they looked alot like our starchy friend. They’re essentially chocolate chip cookies with a gooey, chocolatey center. And of course, because I was multitasking that day, I forgot to take photos of them after baking (:


scones 1

I also baked these cinnamon raisin scones. Mini scones are about my favouritest (that should totally be a word) thing ever. They’re easy to make and you can add just about anything to them. These were lovely and so great with a nice warm cup of tea (fair trade and organic!). This scone recipe is pretty awesome.