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potato chorizo

Steve and I have developed a huge love for Mexican food. I think part of that is from having lived in Berkeley, where the Mexican Tex-Mex and Mexican-inspired food is heavenly – burritos at the Mission, the huevos rancheros and mexican scramble (with home made chorizo) at Bette’s, the corn pizza at Cheeseboard (oh, and might I mention that Cheeseboard has a twitter account!! How fabulous!). And even more so now having watched Rick Bayless showcase his culinary genius on Top Chef Masters.  And so Steve and I embark on a little adventure every week: beef fajitas, spicy mexican rice, salsa, huevos rancheros, chicken burritos, different types of guacomole and as pictured above, potato chorizo tacos. Potato chorizo tacos are one of my favourites, the potatoes are a nice balance to the saltiness of the chorizo – I especially like them a little burnt, a little crisp, with some fresh bean salsa. And that fresh bean salsa is delicious. It’s got corn, tomatoes, garlic, avocado, black beans and of course, cilantro and is the greatest snack ever with some blue corn tortilla chips.

I’m already thinking about all the other dishes that are lined up… salsa verde once I get my hands on some tomatillos, fish tacos, empanadas, tamales, chile relleno, churros and so many more! Mmmmm, I’ll let you know it goes.