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brownie cakes

choc mousse

So a little while ago, I embarked on making some chocolate mousse and it was an epic disaster. First, I realized I had no gelatin, so I thought it would be okay to use marshmallows instead (I recalled that one time I made marshmallow frosting and it was gooey and gluey and kind of great so I thought why not). But I must have used too many because the mixture very sticky very fast. And in the meantime, I was whipping cream by hand, which wasn’t actually so bad. In fact, it took less effort than I thought and I ended up whipping the cream till it curdled! So essentially, I whipped it into butter and milk.  And then there was no more cream and now, I was left with a sticky chocolatey mixture. So I whipped up some brownie cakes really fast (the same recipe used here and here) and iced them with the sticky mess. I also smushed up some of the brownie cakes and covered those crumbles with the chocolate “mousse”. And you knwo what, they turned out alright! Though I take no credit, since a mixture of chocolate, brownie and marshmallows probably tastes pretty good together anyway.