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orange sugar

So for Y. & P.’s wedding, I was asked to make shortbread cookies, which would be boxed up as little wedding favours for the guests.  In total, I baked about 35 dozen cookies, though about7 dozen of those were thrown out because we had a little flavour disaster. There were different flavours: lemon cherry, lemon coconut, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate vanilla swirl, orange raspberry, orange earl grey, green tea, and the salty shorbreads (rosemary cheese and black sesame szechuan pepper – I know!!). The first batch of rosemarycheese and balck sesame szechuan pepper were WAYwayway too salty – we wanted to increase the salt content while reducing the sugar content but overdid it by quite a bit – so these were thrown out.


The next day, I baked another batch of rosemary cheese shortbreads and controlled for the amount of salt added. These turned out to be quite yummy (see, that’s them pictured below!)! Along with those, I baked the orange raspberry and orange earl grey cookies.


It seems in the commotion of baking on the first day, I forgot to take any pictures so you’ll just have to envision what the rest of the flavours look and taste like (:  My favourites were probably the lemon cranberry and the lemon coconut ones. It was a little stressful, I must admit, but it was also a whole load of fun! So here’s to more baking adventures!