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banana cupkins

banana cupkins 1

I am realizing that I make a whole lot of banana thingamajigs (i.e. cupcakes, cookies, muffins, bread etc). I think this has to do with the number of overripe bananas that accumulate in this apartment (although now the boy has taken to making many smoothies which kind of circumvents this problem). But these were made last week, they double as perfect little morning treats and after dinner desserts.

Since I had a little batter left after filling the cupcake tray, I baked the rest of the batter in ramekins. And while they were in the oven, I made some quick peanut butter chocolate frosting. Now I’ve been on a unlucky buttercream streak, the past few times I’ve made some have been mini-disasters (I hate curdly buttercream!). This time, I first made a batch mistaking flour for icing sugar (and since this observation completely eluded me during the process, I was completely wrecking my brain as to why the frosting was just not sweet.. UGH!). Then, I corrected that mistake and made another batch, which turned out much too runny. And then, of course, I had no more powdered sugar.

banana cupkins

banana cupkins

And so, I schlopped it onto the little ramekins and oh, the mess it made. It was liquidy and sticky and there was no controlling its direction of flow. In an attempt to save the cupkins, I thought what better to contain runny frosting than cake, so I cut little holes in them, filled them with a gooey center and put the top back on. And always, I left a couple of them bare, because sometimes all you want is a simple little treat without the fussing.