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Mmmm, pizza. I must admit that I love making pizza dough (or any kind of bread really), kneading dough is very strangely therapeutic to me. I also like leaving the dough in the oven, going off to do something else and then re-discovering it double in size later – yeah, I know I’m a little weird but hey, it’s in the little things!


I thought this time, we’d go with a Mexican-inspired pizza, considering that my favourite three ingredients ever on pizza are olives, broccoli and corn (though probably not at the same time). This probably explains why whenever Cheeseboard has a corn pizza for the day, I always try to make it in line for a tiny slice.


So, I made a little cilantro pesto with chopped up cilantro, some parmesan, olive oil and garlic. Then topped that off with corn (this is so much better with roasted corn kernels off the cob but resources only allowed us corn in a can), black beans, smoky chicken, red peppers and cheese.



And then popped into the oven for a little, and we’ve got ourselves some yummy homemade pizza loving.