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macarons 2

So there’s this macaroon-macaron kerfuffle (well, it’s not actually a commotion, more like “why do two things that are so different have such similar sounding names?!”) – for a breakdown of this, take a look at this article on Dessert First for 805 Living Magazine. But anyhows, I thought it would be hilarious to bake up a little oxymoron of some sort… macaroon macarons!


So these little ones were flavoured like macaroons with coconut and chocolate, but baked like macarons with shells and a sandwiched center. The sheslls were a nice chocolatey flavour and in place of a ganache, I used a cream cheese frosting with toasted coconut for the middle.


Now I’ve had lady luck on my side in macaron adventures, most of my macarons look and taste mostly like they should. I usually suffer the occasional mishap, for example, this time I underbaked the first few so the shells sank in, but mostly they are presentable, or at the very least, salvageable. These ones were a little bumpy (I really didn’t want to overfold the mixture) and odd shaped (I used a ziploc bag to pipe! Resourcefulness +1, odd shaped ugliness -1), but they had pretty little feet and not one of them cracked! Next time perhaps I will try making stencils for the shells, but it’s highly unlikely given that it seems like alot of work and I’m pretty lazy sometimes…. any other suggestions?

macarons 1

macaron bite

So, aren’t they pretty? And if I might say so myself, pretty darn delicious too. YUM!