We’ve had a couple of problems in the house, which has led to a temporary light outage in the living room. So every night now, the living room is bathed in the romantic light of many candles. Now we had this one candle that had run its course whilst still leaving a hunk of wax behind. So of course, we had a genius idea to melt the remaining wax and make a new candle.  Well, hello candle debacle. What followed included a mold that melted upon encountering hot wax, an improvised wick (and nothing to hold it in place), a stupidstupid move resulting in wax down the sink (and thus an hour long “resolve the plug!” issue), a fuming mother, expanding wax that cracked a container and finally, one iceberg-looking candle.

But overall, am quite proud of this little DIY project. Though next time, I think I’ll just buy a new candle instead.