I have fall envy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tropics but 365 days a year in blistering heat is just too much to bear. I wish it were fall. I mean, falling leaves, cooler climates, what’s not to love? But mainly, I wish it were fall so I could prance around in lovelylovely fall clothes – dresses, tights, leggings, boots, warm cozy scarves, layers and thickthick socks. Now, I could do all this here in Singapore but I would probably be hot, sticky and veryvery sweaty before even leaving the house – not a very pleasant thought at all. And so I will continue dreaming about cute little Anthropologie dresses (the Abydos and the Starbound* dresses), riding boots (the Boulevardier* and Elevation boots) and pretty little purses (the Equanimity* bag and the Chloe clutch**).


* Is it okay to buy things because they have very pretty names? Because I am very tempted to.
**That last little thing, I will only ogle without shame – definitely no, NO buying.

[Images via Anthropologie and Net-a-porter]