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Spooky cupcakes for Halloween! These little creepy treats are awesome and were really fun to decorate. They were either a chocolate yogurt or lemon yogurt cupcake (I had a big tub of yogurt) and they were delicious! I would have totally loved to make pumpkin cupcakes, but pumpkins are expensive little things here. But the best thing? Cream cheese frosting! There seemed to be a cream cheese shortage a while back in Singapore (4 cold storages and an ntuc and still no cream cheese), so when I saw some in the supermarket (finally!) I jumped at the chance to make a little frosting.



So I used the same lemon yoghurt cake from here (originally from the lovely Deb of Smitten Kitchen) which was definitely better with yoghurt! Lesson learnt: substitutions are a tricky business! And the chocolate yoghurt cakes are via Smitten Kitchen via David Lebovitz, which I’ve made quite a few times and are so great! (:



So we made mummies (so cute!), eyeballs (kinda creepy), people with exposed brains (haha, these didn’t really look like brains) and cobwebs! Awesome decorating fun, definitely a great little halloween activity.