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dulce de leche brownies

dulce de leche

I used to get dulce de leche ice cream at Ici in Berkeley (so goood, mmmm) and when I saw these brownies over at David Lebovitz, I bookmarked it and have finally gotten down to actually baking some. So I embarked on making some home made dulce de leche (which when translated literally means “sweet milk”).

I chose oven over stove in the process because I really didn’t want to stand over a stove for 2-3 hours, but alas, I did not consider the the fact that we have a tiny and very inconvenient oven. Thus, shoving a roasting pan almost filled with hot water with a glass pie plate sitting in the middle was very nearly almost disastrous (hot water over hands, NOT good). I don’t think I quite achieved the consistency of dulce de leche (it was more liquidy than I wanted) and I think it could have benefitted from a little more time in the oven. But alas, my mother needed the oven so I used liquidy dulce de leche over brownie batter and as you can see, the finished product doesn’t really look like what it should. No gooey chunks of dulce de leche but instead, some sort of a gooey, swirl-crazy mess – but they are still kinda tasty.

Now I’ve got some liquidy dulce de leche wannabe in the fridge, I think maybe I’ll try again to get it right.