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It’s monsoon season in Singapore, all right. It’s raining, ALL the time! Today, it poured from 1:30pm to about 4pm and drizzled from 4pm to late in the evening. As a result, in the afternoon, the streets flooded so much cars got stuck in streets and traffic came to a halt, and my brother and I wished we had a kayak so we could row around in the street. And man, I knew the water was dirty and gross but I honestly had to fight the urge to slosh my feet around in it (like neighbour dog Dave, who bounded into the water for a swim). I know, I am ewwing myself, but I took a bath right after! But it was kinda exciting with all the rain and all the neighbours out on the streets. And one more good thing about the rain? It’s nice weather to snuggle, with a book and a fluffy dog on a large chair on the patio.