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While the brother was on a night exercise as a reservist, A. and I decided to make ourselves some scrumptious dinner. We were looking all over the internet for recipes and finally decided on some home made mac and cheese. Now mac and cheese made from scratch is really nothing quite like Kraft dinner-esque instant mac and cheese, it tastes much less… processed and so much yummier!

So we used this recipe (quick tomato macaroni cheese) from Jamie Oliver. It’s essentially making a pesto (basil, parmesan and garlic) with some tomato and cream in it. And we added a little sausage and broccoli and topped with fresh bocconcini (which is sososo stringy and melty and good when baked). And the breadcrumbs on top add a real nice crunch to each bite, so it’s definitely a must! The only little note is that the recipe was for 4 servings, we halved it and we still ended up with enough pasta to feed 6, so you might end up with more food than you expected, which I won’t complain about if it’s yummy like this!

And we finished off by making a little strawberry cheesecake (which we had to impatiently wait until the next day to eat), more about that later!