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The weekend snowstorm on the US East Coast reached epic proportions, up to two feet!  I love these pictures of snowball fights and midday strolls through Central Park, tobogganing down driveways and spontaneous tackle football in front of the National Mall. And I love how the winter wonderland brings out the kid in us all – I remember building igloos, snowmen (stubby and stabby!) and giant inappropriate objects, winkini tobogganing (tobogganing in bikinis, on garbage bags no less) and snow fights galore until I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes – but only if you’re adequately bundled up and not stuck in an airport for hours/days because your flight was cancelled and the snowfall isn’t the whipping, painful kind.

So I’m kind of bummed that it won’t be a white Christmas, the fireman dressed up as Santa Claus won’t come down the street on Christmas eve and I won’t get to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation all bundled up in front of the fireplace, all those little things, you know? But it’ll be okay, because I finally get to spend Christmas with the family, with a rocking dinner menu, lots of presents and a white doggie to cuddle with, pretty good if you ask me.

[Image credit: Damon Winter, Barton Silverman, Luke Sharrett and Damon Winter @ the New York Times – See more here and here]