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Christmas in T-1 days (thankfully I don’t start counting down a week in advance because I’m sure this could get thoroughly annoying)!! Anyhow, preparations are going well for the big dinner. We’ve finished grocery shopping, albeit with some minor hiccups  (what do you mean you’ve got no bay leaves! no fresh cranberries! $10 for a small pack of pecans! no peppermint extract!) so now it’s just a matter of actual culinary skill and well, stamina.

So the rest of the day will be spent waging war (or better yet, making peace) with the oven, a giant tube of cream cheese and a carton of strawberries, brittle snackers, whoopie pies and maybe, just maybe, some yoghurt snack cakes (mmm, delish!). And though it might be a tad ambitious for our tiny oven, I think we might just make it.

And then, we will relieve our tree of it’s presents, which are now exploding out from under it. I really love the look that people have when they catch the first glimpse of their just-perfect-for-them gift underneath the wrapping paper, don’t you?

And so my lovelies, I leave you with this, Fran and Marlo’s spontaneous piano playing at the Mayo Clinic whilst waiting for their checkup (they’ve been married 62 years!). Because it seems fitting in the holiday spirit, and it melts my heart like a chunk of butter and makes me smile uncontrollably:

Happy Holidays!

[Video link via A Cup of Jo]