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Christmas came and went so fast, there was barely enough time to wake from my food-induced coma to properly savour the weekend. Thank goodness next weekend is New Year’s and so, another four day weekend! Christmas dinner was big, there were so many people we could barely fit around the already-extended table and there was enough food to last through many dinners and turkey sandwiches after. And the main event? Thomas the Turkey (Yes, I name my food. My mother was initially appalled but after some warming up, started affectionately referring to Thomas by his name). And he was delicious, tender and juicy (he’d better be after bathing in that insanely long brine bath)!!

And funny thing (well, not so funny at the time because I thought my mother was going to whip me), the day before dinner, A. and I were baking some Christmas treats in the late afternoon. And what do you know, our oven breaks right in the middle of my last batch of brittle snackers . Yes, it broke, just stopped working… seriously bad timing! But thankfully, some strategizing and a few phone calls later, we borrowed a friend’s oven (thankyouthankyouthankyou) and dinner was saved.

And those treats? They were delicious. I love how whoopie pies look somewhat like macarons (I even piped them onto the cookie sheet like so) but are more cakey and chewy. And these were minty (we ground up candy canes and mixed them into the cream cheese middle – improvised peppermint extract at its best) and not too sweet, which was awesome! Find the recipe here (at the truly fabulous BHG).

And this NY cheesecake with strawberry sauce that A. made? Delish!