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The first day of TwentyTen was spent wearing the shirt that epitomizes the perfect marriage of baking and music (thanks babe!), tempering chocolate, thinking up no bake dessert recipes (broken oven! no!), settling on making more cheesecake (full of lemons and little ones this time), failing miserably at making chocolate shells à la Reese’s peanut butter cup shells (too little chocolate, too big a brush) and finally just settling on slathering on a base of chocolate.

And while the little buggers were sitting in the freezer, we started preparations for a little new year’s day barbeque. Little red and yellow pepper boats, grilled portobellos with bocconcini, parmesan and breadcrumbs, arugula spinach and strawberry salad, honeyed corn and tiny Japanese sweet potatoes and a host of meats to mark my last day as an anything goes omnivore.

‘Twas a sobering and sometimes directionless 09, here’s hoping for a purposeful twentyten.

p/s the littlest and cutest addition to the family will be arriving very soon, in the next week or two perhaps! how exciting!