RESOLUTION (n) res.o.lu.tion [rezəˈluːʃən] 1 a firm decision (to do something): He made a resolution to get up early.

I begin the year with resolutions (not just for the year but for life really) , some specific (free standing Sirsasana I and II for 1 minute) and some abstract (make more concrete plans for the future – I know, how terribly vague. I just listed all the things I am contemplating doing, like finally finishing grad school), some that are easier to keep (drink more water), some much more difficult (sustainable and ethical eating – despite the constant eye rolls I get) and some nearly impossible (healing the festering wound), some that are contingent on others (travel to <insert location> is  dependent on save at least 30% of monthly paycheck) and others that I just cannot wait to get going (yoga retreat and finishing the demo).

So here’s to looking forward, to the start of a new (and different) year. Here’s hoping it’s good for us all :)