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I have been looking for the perfect breakfast spot in Singpore but have yet to find anything that sends my heart aflutter quite like my favourite Berkeley breakfast haunts do – I miss La Note (lemon gingerbread pancakes and brioche pain perdu!), Bette’s (mexican scramble, californian breakfast, any kind of pancakes really! And hilarious Mr. Kroening!) and Chester’s (challa french toast, eggs benedict and lovely outdoor seating!). Oh Berkeley, how I miss thee!

But for now, I will settle for a perfectly adequate brunch at Rider’s Cafe on special lazy weekend mornings, which is quaint and secluded and quite lovely. A little note: I think their eggs benedict/florentine is much better than their eggs norwegian, but those fluffy blueberry pancakes? Heavenly.

Next on the list? Breakfast at Picotin (expecting good things because dinner there is yums and the sticky date pudding is SO good).