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Saturday morning treat? Scones, three ways: chocolate chip, raisin or blueberry. These turned out pretty perfect, not quite as fluffy as the quintessential scones (Best scones ever? The ones I had with Suz in Bath – at Sally Lunn’s I believe), but still pretty yummylicious.

I separated my dough into three parts in order to make the three different fillings. Essentially, you could put just about anything into the dough, nuts, cherries, strawberries and what not, which makes them awesomely customizable. See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy (awesome phrase borrowed from little R, although I must say that lemon squeezing is not the easiest of things to do, coming from one who’s been squirted in the eye about a gazillion times).

And of course, my mother asks me why my scones are wedge-shaped instead of round like the ones she always has in Australia. And I explain to her that home made scones can be any shape (even shaped like little hearts, if she’d like) depending on the baker’s fancy, though they are usually round or triangular. She was not impressed with my answer, hee.

These scones were just perfect with a little dallop of jam or preserve. I confess that I think the blueberry ones were the best in the bunch, I rolled them thicker so they were much fluffier on the inside.

And lastly, little treats for the lovely ladies on Saturday afternoon, complete with fabric-cut ribbons (with ugly frays, booo). What a great way to start a Saturday!