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In the celebratory collision of Valentines Day and Chinese New Year, I made us some pineapple heart pops. These pie pops were the inspiration and I made a little pineapple jam for the filling and used tart pastry for the outsides.

So truth be told, I started work on these on a Friday and because they were so time consuming (pineapple tart pastry is just too soft for all the moulding this required), I had to take a little baking-should-be-fun-and-not-frustrating breather (best breaks ever – I swear they prevent potential kitchen disasters). I resumed on Saturday (and recruited sous chef Steve) and ta-da, what do you know, things were definitely a little easier the second time round.

So in lieu of lollipop sticks (which you probably can find from Phoon Huat), I cut bamboo skewers in half. As for the jam, I like mine made with crushed pineapples instead of grated and with cinnamon and cloves. I would recommend making the jam ahead of time since it takes a while to cool down and that’s when it’s the easiest to work with.

The process of pie pops is fairly straightforward. Roll the pastry out and cut out the appropriate shapes (hearts for Valentines Day!), lay one of the cutouts on parchment paper, push a stick down (at least mid way or more up the cutout), drop a generous serving of jam in the middle, lay another cutout on top and seal the sides. Now since the pastry is so soft, the pineapple jam needs to be really cool to prevent the pastry from melting (in the picture above, mine was mostly semi-cool but it still melted the pastry some).

And when I got tired of the hearts, I made little circle shaped ones and even some semi-traditional tarts just for fun. And might I just add, they were pretty damn delicious, yay!