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Over the weekend, I embarked on making puff pops, which are basically tart pops with puff pastry. I cheated and bought puff pastry from the store because the last time I embarked on puff pastry from scratch I had a butter melting, flat pastry disaster which I am sure I will revisit sometime later.  So my brother thought those tart pops over CNY could be better enhanced by using puff pastry and more jam, so I started this little kitchen experiment.

The process was fairly similar to tart pops, aside from that I made two jams, pineapple and strawberry, which was a fairly easy process (no need for pectin!).

Then roll out the dough, cut out appropriate shapes (I made little holes in the top layer so the jam peeks through), layer ( I used toothpicks this time for tiny pops), brush on eggwash and bake!

So as you can tell, the pastry lives up to it’s name and puffs up quite a bit. I was really much too generous with the strawberry jam and a lot of those ended up spilling over. But we just plucked them apart and ate them like Deloba biscuits, and they tasted almost exactly like that really – yummy!