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So this weekend, like most other weekends, was spent recuperating from the perils of work, experimenting in the kitchen, planning, drawing, eating, carrying (and oogling) the baby and the works. This plum tarte tatin (a slight variation from The Craft of Baking) came together pretty quickly on a Saturday afternoon with some leftover store-bought puff pastry, some plums procured from the fruit stall and some buttery, sugary caramel goodness.

The plums weren’t the sweetest (they seemed to get less sweet as the week went by which baffles me!)  but they brought about a nice tartness to the tarte tatin. You can pretty much sub anything else you’d like, the original recipe in The Craft of Baking was for banana tarte tatin (ooh, caramel banana goodness!) but you can use peaches, apples, pears etc etc.

The most fun part of this recipe? Caramelizing sugar. I love caramelizing sugar, especially the point where you can just begin to smell the somewhat “nutty” flavour and it starts to brown.

As evident, I seem to have problems fanning fruit slices evenly… tips? But overall, a nice little treat for a Saturday afternoon (and a Sunday morning, if you’re lucky)!