I learnt two things from Sunday’s baking expedition: 1) Always read the recipe before starting and 2) Chocolate crinkles are not friends with humidity. These little things are not difficult to make, though there are tricky parts. First off, the batter has to be refrigerated for more than 4 hours – I would go with more time, overnight even – unless you want to be like me in the sticky-roll disaster. I ended up having to coat my hands in a thick layer of powdered sugar in order to roll the little things  (it was sticky, think brownie batter but only slightly firmer) and then dunking them into a bowl full of powdered sugar right after they got rolled to coat them more (they kind of felt like chocolate turkish delights pre-bake, odd huh?). And I’m pretty sure I overbaked them – no, I’m positive I overbaked them because they are quite dry and are missing the fudgy texture that I’m thinking they should have. But thankfully, they taste slightly better the day after and also not too bad when dunked in milk a la Oreos.