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Here’s introducing you to burookies, an entirely accidental happening of a cookie that looks like a burger, which is basically a peanut butter sandwich with really thick cookies. These were sandwiched with a peanut butter chocolate buttercream, though they’d be lovely with some chocolate ganache in the middle as well. Perfect little afternoon treat!

So this is where I think the wackiness happened:  I rolled the balls out too thick to save a little time and ended up with the domed shaped cookies, perhaps if I left them a little smaller (like a 1/2 inch in diameter instead of an inch) they would have turned out just the right size (or height, you get the picture).  Or perhaps they had too much flour in them so they didn’t spread quite as well?

The chocolate buttercream is great, I don’t use a recipe for buttercream most of the time, I kind of like to play with the consistency depending on how I need it that time. I generally prefer chocolate buttercream simply because in place of icing sugar, I can substitute cocoa powder to achieve a good consistency while still keeping it much less sugar crazy . It gets even better adding peanut butter into the mix because pb is thicker and doesn’t make the buttercream as runny.

And one last one for the road! :) Hope your weekends were relaxing too!