Lemony coconut cupcakes are the bomb. These were made with love for a coworker and as they were sitting undressed on the cooling rack, they started disappearing one by one. They are made up of a lemon cupcake base, coconut milk and shredded coconut and topped with a lemon buttercream and snowed on with some more shredded coconut. And since I’m really into bite size things these days, I made them mini…. and cute, mini things are always cute.

I also love colourful cupcake liners. Aren’t they adorable? We get these from Meidi-Ya.

Sitting on a cooling rack, waiting to be dressed. See the big ones in the back? I told you little ones are cuter.

And speaking of little ones, see this cranky little one being soothed by a mini cupcake. She wishes she was older (and had the teeth) to eat it. YUMS.