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Sunday baking adventure? Chocolate souffle cupcakes via Deb, or so it was originally conceived. Instead, I ended up with a yummy chocolate concoction that looks almost nothing like a souffle or a cupcake… it almost tastes like a huge chocolate macaron shell.

I mean, it exploded.

Okay, maybe exploded is the wrong word. The batter overflowed… past the rim of my newly acquired ramekins (discovered in chinatown kitchen heaven) and my cupcake liners. And for a moment (or about 20 seconds) in the beginning, I thought it would all be okay since the top had crusted (if only I had known this was a bad sign) and they seemed to be rising upwards nice and straight and then… they started tilting. At this point, I am pretty sure I said a swear word loud enough that my mother came out of her room and asked what happened… oops.

And so I have deduced that my mistake lay in overfilling the containers and wonky oven temperature. I still haven’t figured out if the temperature was too low (but they weren’t flat but did spread out too much) or too high (they did form crusty outer layer) or just blasted air pressure change when I opened the oven door before they were done?

Well however aesthetically unpleasing these were (this mishmash of molten lava cake + brownie + macaron shell), they were still pretty yums, with or without accompanying lemon whipped cream. Well, not entirely wasted I guess.

Souffles: 1, Sheralyn:0

And here are more pictures of the making of the souffle that was not (including an actual picture of the little bugger):

Ta-da! See how it was SO not? I wish I could you could taste it through the screen just so I can redeem myself a little. SIGH.