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This Sunday, the brother went off to track in KL, so A., Zum & I took a girly Sunday…

Best thing ever? Rediscovering the yummiest snack,  natural peanut butter on cream crackers. And lilac nailpolish (OPI done out in deco)! I’m not used to having nail polish on, so sometimes I look down at my fingers and get a little “why are my nails that colour?!” shock.

We took a little trip out to vivocity, bought some cheap diapers (score!) and Zum even cooperated most of the way. For dinner, we had homemade pasta alla carbonara, made with garlic & basil linguine, chicken sausage (meaty weekends!), swiss brown mushrooms and broccoli. And for dessert? Some lemony layer cake with chocolate ganache and Haagen Daaz.

So indulgent but so worth it!