Okay, I must confess. I love lemon curd, it is delicious… it’s almost like jam, with a zing! And lemon layer cake with lemon curd? Now let’s just say I was a pretty happy camper yesterday evening. And wait, what was that? Chocolate ganache over said lemon layer cake? Um, let’s see how many ways I can say this…. yes yes yes!

More baking snippets:

I think I might have under-sugared my lemon curd … it had a small starchy aftertaste (kind of like an unripe banana). Not to mention, there were no how to instructions on the recipe I printed so I just dumped all ingredients into the mixing bowl and put it over a water bath. I would later find out that you’re supposed to not add the butter till after, is that right?

Well, either way, it ended up tasting pretty fine after it got sandwiched between the cake. Also, the cake was initially just two layers but I cut it and stacked one half on top of the other… how can one say no to more cakey goodness in every bite (though that also explains the uneven nature of the sides of my layer cake)!

The picture above makes chocolate ganache look all gross and monstrous but actually, after a little soothing, it’s pretty unintimidating , see: