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I love reading blogs by people living in Toronto, like the awesomeness that is Anabela’s blog, Fieldguided (I mean, there’s a bow in the header, a bow! I am such a sucker for those things) and Jane’s lovely blog, Ill Seen, Ill Said.   I especially love when they write about Toronto because it makes me feel like I am back in the boy’s leeetle apartment on the Lakeshore, anticipating little trips around the neighbourhood.

And on fieldguided this morning, I read about Hoof Cafe. It looks all sorts of wonderful and boy, do I love a good brunch. But it’s a little unclear what sort of non-meaty options they serve (asides from French toast sans foie, though everybody raves about the foie gras). After all, there is a piggy on its signboard and bone marrow in its cherry doughnuts, but I do think Steve would kind of love it. So next time I’m in the city, we’re taking a trip there… and to Buk Chang Dong and to Konnichiwa and to Prague Cafe… Oh boy, I really do miss that city sometimes.

[photo credit: Fieldguided]