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This weekend was mostly spent inside, like most weekends are really. Apart from the frustration of moving out of my room (curse the leaking water heater! now, I’ve got mountains of clothes, books and other crap piled on my mom’s room floor), time was spent playing Heavy Rain (which is amazing!!), experimenting with egg whites (mocha meringue sandwiches and strawberry souffles), spying Yogs check out the dog next door and chilling with family (check out Zum and her new toy giraffe, Mrs. Lamaze, who is incidentally ‘married’ to a purple elephant with crinkly ears).

This week is looking to be quite a full one, with a wedding venue viewing on Weds, acroyoga workshop on Sat, Mother’s Day on Sunday and noisy construction the whole coming weekend. Yay! (to all but the last… which gets a resounding sigh on my end).