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As I was contemplating my Sunday baking adventure, I heard a some talk about a souffle. Wait, did someone say souffle? Must I remind you of this semi-disaster? Must we really go back there? I mean, how about a chocolate cookie instead, those are good too. After all, James Beard once said, “The only thing that will make a souffle fall is if it know you’re afraid of it.” And I am afraid of it.

But still, fear in the kitchen in a lousy excuse to not make something. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? The souffle falls , my ego bruised – that’s already happened anyway. So I opened the fridge, saw some strawberries and decided on a strawberry souffle. The evening started out somewhat like this:

And ended with something like this:

Which is what I would call partial success, yay! They rose (not to great heights, I might have been a little over cautious in filling the ramekins this time around) and fell pretty quickly after emerging from the oven… probably the result of 1- 2 minutes of under baking. But that given, they looked much better than their earlier counterparts and the strawberries gave it some nice flavour (like eating strawberry air, which I guess is why a souffle is a souffle).

So I think the score stands at Souffles: 1.5, Sheralyn: 0.5. Still, far from perfect… but I am determined to get them right, so if I’ve got to make a souffle every Sunday until success is achieved, then I say, bring it on!

More pictures of souffle adventures:

Perhaps I should fill them more? Would that then require making a collar? All these questions!

And the best thing? When they fall, just load them up with ice cream… because ice cream makes everything better (except for my digestive system that is, haha).