This weekend was crazy, exhilarating and calming all in the same breath.

Saturday brought me back to the love of flying (& basing), if only every weekend consisted of hours of acroyoga, then my heart would be full and expanding infinitely (plus the bonus of a really strong core, yes!). A brief Saturday afternoon break was spent seeking shelter in the Mandarin, where the brother and A. and Zum were staying (to avoid the perils of home renovation). It stormed, and boy was I glad to be dry and inside, with some kaya toast.

Sunday looked somewhat like this: 1.Bathed Yoghurt, 2. Baked Mother’s Day cake (pear upside down cake), 3. Took the trusty (& dusty) ol’ guitar out for a whirl finally, 4. Annoyed the neighbours with some loud music, 5. Prepared Mother’s Day dinner…. which consisted of yummers salad of spinach with roasted beets and sweet potatoes, pesto stuffed chicken thighs. And the brother made some delicious aglio olio with asparagus, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and toasted pine nuts. Mmm!

AND, the renovation work is done (for now!), so I can finally move back into my room. YAY!