This weekend, I experimented with some active yeast and it resulted in the baking of this super lemony braided bread. Oh lemon curd, you have me – hook, line and sinker. The only challenge with this was that it required time… lots of time for the dough to rise fully and some tricky maneuvering. I started out with one big braid but had to cut it into two (rebraid the ends, move the braids) to fit it into our oven. The end result was two somewhat uneven braids that were pretty yummy, if I do say so myself (the one on the right looks like it’s exploding – of course, we gave the prettier one away)! The bread could have been a little softer but overall, this one’s a keeper – I’m thinking one of chocolatey, nutella variety next… yums.

The recipe was found via the lovely Deb (her braid looks way better than mine) and for more pictures, click the link below!

Cream cheese filling + lemon curd = lethal, but so good, combination.

My braid-in-progress. Look how uneven the sides are… I need to work on this obviously.

Ta-da! I think it’s funny that the whole time I was braiding, I couldn’t help but think of how I felt like I was wrapping a mummy.

Braided lemony bread for weekday breakfasts and tea, I love when weekend baking spills over onto the weekdays.