Twentyfive today.

And I am aching for a quiet spot – on the edge of a cliff, on a rooftop, up in the clouds, in the forest, by the sea – to just sit and think, and cry a little, and write a letter, sing a soft song, dream a little, and reflect – on the things that were and the things that will be.

Twentyfour has been a year of many things: of decisions and disappointment, of uncertainty and being at a loss about everything, of learning to swallow my pride, of tears (oh, so many of those), of homecoming (and all that it brings with it), of love (sweet, healing love), and of moments of quiet but immense joy. And twentyfive, I am reserving for being inspired by the possibility of change, or rather, the possibility of doing – doing the things I said I would but didn’t, doing the things I thought I couldn’t.

And of course, making peace, I am still working on that one.


{The prettiest photo by love letter and skypaints, first seen on Unruly Things – Oh, how much I heart those candy-coloured nails!}